Ichikei’s Crow- Japanese Upcoming Drama in 2021

Ichikei’s Crow is an upcoming Japanese drama in 2021. This drama is direct by Ryo Tanaka, Tomonobu Moriwaki, Kazunari Hoshino, Tomonobu Moriwaki and Michiko Namiki. Rito Asami and Hideya Hamada is a writer of this upcoming drama.


Ichikei’s Crow Short Details

Release Date– April 2021

Language– Japanese

Country– Japan

Network– Fuji TV

DirectorKazunari Hoshino, Tomonobu Moriwaki, Ryo Tanaka and Michiko Namiki

Runtime– Monday 21:00

Romaji– Ichikei no Karasu


Plot Synopsis

In this drama Yutaka Takenouchi role name is Michio Iruma and Haru Kuroki play a Chizuru Sakama. Michio Iruma is a lawyer. He now serves as a Judge in the Tokyo District court. Iruma is an unusual Judge. To avoid giving a wrong verdict, Michio Iruma himself investigates the site and in some cases seeks the truth. Because of this kind of Michio nature, almost all lawyers and prosecutors are afraid of him.

Other Judges include Chizuru Sakama believe that judges have a duty to handle cases quickly and efficiently. This is due to a criminal court judge having about 250 out of cases. Judges consider Michio Iruma to be a problem solver.

In this drama, Michio Iruma’s past is slowly revealed.


Ichikei’s Crow Cast

Haru Kuroki plays a Chizuru Sakama and Yutaka Takenouchi as Michio Iruma.


ReadKanna Hashimoto, Manami Higa, Sei Ashina

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